Gord Palmer

Gord Palmer

Name: Gordon Palmer

Born in Armstrong BC, and raised on a farm just outside of Vernon, Gordon Palmer has always had an infinity towards athleticism. Growing up on a farm he spent a great deal of time outdoors playing baseball, hiking, and exploring! As kids, Gord and his siblings (he’s one of twelve!) would pack a lunch and hike for miles, and miles on their parent’s property. As an adult, he got into group sports such as volleyball, walleyball, and squash to name a few. What got Gord into Group Fitness and Personal Training however was trying to find a stress outlet. Just over 15 years ago Gord was working as an IT administrator for a chartered accounting firm. Indoor Cycle became the outlet that he needed. Cycle then turned into him attending other classes and finally hitting the weight room. Gord decided to become certified in Group Fitness and Personal Training after a Personal Trainer pointed out to him how great he was in all of the classes. Who would have thought his hobby to burn off some extra stress would turn into his rewarding career path?

  1. What is your favourite hidden gem in the Okanagan?

While there isn’t a lot that is hidden anymore, growing up outside of Vernon Gord knows just how much the Okanagan has to offer! As a child, he spent a lot of time camping at secluded mountainous destinations. If he is going to camp, he enjoys the spots that you must 4×4 into, or 4×4 to a certain point then hike. If Gord is going to camp he even leaves the music at home so that he can really take in, and enjoy what is going on around him.

  1. What is your favourite physical activity?

Currently Gord’s favourite physical activity is squash. While he used to play before he got into fitness he is really enjoying getting back into the swing of things. Maybe next year you will see him in league!

  1. What is something about you that not very many people know about?

When most people think of Gordon, they think loud, vivacious, and outgoing. One would assume that Gord is an extrovert as he isn’t afraid to public speak, nor is he easily embarrassed. In reality he is an introvert. At work, he pushes his comfort zone all day so that he can be the upbeat, motivating trainer that we all know. Home time however brings out Gord’s quiet, and reserved side so that he can re charge for the next day.

  1. What has been your biggest struggle with either life or work?

Gordon’s biggest struggle with work has been untrustworthy coworkers. He appreciates those that will come to him and talk face to face about what is going on. This gives them space to figure out a solution without all of the behind the scenes banter that almost always escalates situations. If can’t trust each other how are you supposed to work together?

  1. Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?

His favourite people to spend time with are his Partner Paul, close friends, his family and of course his clients. They are without a doubt, trust worthy people and the ones that know him best.

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?

On February 25th Gord will be leaving to spend three weeks in Bali with his partner Paul and sister in-law Desiree! They are going to be spending their time in the jungle, and enjoying the quiet of a small island that doesn’t even have any motorized vehicles! While on vacation Gord may choose to enjoy some physical activity such as hiking, paddle boarding, or volleyball but you won’t catch him in the gym. He feels that it is important for him to take a break from work while on vacation so that he can come back feeling refreshed, and be great at his job.

  1. What is your favourite local store and why?

Currently his favourite store is Peter YIG’s (Your Independent Grocer) because it is just bizarre. If you’re looking for some good people watching and odd pre made food pairings it’s your perfect stop! He also enjoys The Med Market for their delicious subs!

  1. Where or how would you like to see positive change in Kelowna?

Gordon would like to see Kelowna densify more downtown, rather than continue to spread out.  He is happy to see that the downtown plan now has multiple towers planned to be built over the next few years. While some views will be blocked, he feels that it is time for Kelowna to be built into a city. Overall the amount of cars and pollution that we create with Urban sprawl is worse than a few blocked views!

  1. If you could be granted one wish what would it be?

Gord found this to be a tricky question as he has such a great life! If he could be granted one wish however it would be guaranteed happiness. “If you’re happy it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, sick, whatever. If you’re happy you’re happy.”

  1. If you could start over again is there something that you would change about your life?

If Gord could start all over again he would have gotten into health and fitness a lot sooner. Looking back, he doesn’t know if he would have liked it earlier in his life, and maybe it was all perfect timing but he feels he found his passion a little late. If he were to do it all over again he would have gotten a kinesiology degree or a nutrition degree to have that additional education background. People just assume you have the knowledge if you have the education.  If you’re self educated and have practical experience you need to prove you have the knowledge to gain trust.


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