Del Snook

Del Snook

Originally from Vancouver our spunky, high energy Del Snook grew up under the Kelowna sun. Hitting her stride after high school in terms of really getting into living an active lifestyle, Del played racquetball, downhill skied, and took group fitness classes. While Del has traded in the office lifestyle at Global for that of a knowledgeable realtor you can still find her kicking our members butts a few days a week!

  1. What made you get into group fitness?

I have always loved taking group fitness classes and I had a fabulous mentor who said that I would be a great instructor. So I here I am doing what I love. Over the years, (and there are many 🙂 ) I have taught a variety of classes. Step, Zumba, Pilates, PiYo, POUND, Cardio, Strength, Spin, Bootcamp, TRX, BOSU, Core, etc. If I am not at the gym, you can find me hiking, biking, taking out dog Murphy for a walk (EVERYDAY) boating and of course wine tasting and enjoying all that Kelowna has to offer. I am also a certified personal trainer, although I am not currently active as a personal trainer. I much more prefer the group fitness setting and I feel I am better suited to it. I currently teach 3 – 5 classes a week.

  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?

My favourite childhood memory is summers in Kelowna! The beach, family, friends, hot summer days, staying up late, drive in movies, Dairy Queen ice cream! I couldn’t image growing up anywhere else!

  1. What is your biggest struggle with life or work?

I have always struggled with trying to balance life and work. I was brought up by a hard-working immigrant family that worked hard to give us so much and that work ethic was passed on to us. I feel that a good work ethic is key and that work ethic will be reflected in everything you do in life. I changed careers a couple of years ago, and I am now a REALTOR*. (If you are looking to buy or sell you can find me at Century 21 🙂 ) This career certainly has its ups and downs. Who knew this would be so difficult? It looks so simple on TV. Turns out that people don’t come running when you tell them you are a REALTOR*. Hahaha… BUT it is so rewarding when you see the look on your clients face when they purchase the home of their dreams. Yes, I love my new career!

  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

WHAT!! Do you not know me! I feel that I there is not a day that goes by that something silly doesn’t happen. Life is too short. It is good to be able to laugh at yourself. I love this quote. I can’t remember who said it – I take my job seriously but I don’t take myself seriously.

  1. What is your favourite physical activity?

Teaching Spin and Body Power classes at Global Fitness. The best gym in town!

  1. What is something about you that not very many people know about?

I speak Croatian…

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?

I would go to Croatia. Other than my two sisters and brother, the rest of my family lives there. Croatia is a hidden gem. I, of course have been there many times. It is definitely a must see on your bucket list. I’ve heard it being referred to as the “NEW IBIZA”

  1. What is your favourite local store and why?

That’s a tough one…. There are so many! I think it is important to support our local businesses!

  1. If you were on death row what would your last meal be?

Dessert!! It really doesn’t matter what type of dessert!

  1. How do you evaluate success?

I evaluate my success in different ways….

  1. At work – It’s when I’m able to find the right home for my clients or sell my clients home to their satisfaction. I strive in focusing to offer a flawlessly executed client experience.
  2. In my daily life – It would be having a happy and healthy family, support and understanding from my friends and a great career.

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