Christine C

Name: Christine Cairns


Christine has been teaching in the fitness industry for over twelve years and her specialty is in teaching Cycling Classes. She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor with Canfitpro. She’s also worked at Canfitpro’s head office for 3 years, where she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. She has been attending fitness conferences since 2009 to continue her education in the fitness industry. She has learned from the world’s best instructors by attending conferences every year. She loves learning the latest trends in the fitness industry and most recently has become certified in Barre!


One of her greatest accomplishments is cycling across Canada as a National Rider (over 3,500 km in 16 days), raising awareness and over $20,000 for children living with cancer. Christine has strong leadership, group management, goal setting and motivational skills. She is also a certified school teacher mostly teaching middle school. Currently she has the privilege of staying at home with her two young children age’s 1 and 3. In this season of life, she loves being a fitness instructor because it is her way to help serve the community in fitness, while she is at home with her children.


  1. Where are you from? When did you move to Kelowna?


I was born in Midland Ontario, went to University in Waterloo and started my fitness journey in Toronto. I moved to Kelowna in August 2014.


  1. Where you always athletic? If so what sports did you play growing up? Has your athleticism changed over the years?


Growing up I loved playing sports. I played club volleyball and basketball.


  1. What made you get into Group Fitness?


I started teaching group cycling at Wilfrid Laurier University and after university I started working for Canfitpro head office. During my time at Canfitpro I was sponsored as a National Rider for the National Kids Cancer Ride. Seeing children fighting for their health made me realize that we need people and community to help one another during life’s struggles. I love taking my outdoor riding skills into indoor cycling classes to serve, motivate and encourage others.


  1. What is your favourite childhood memory?


Vacations with my family where we were able to spend quality time together. I loved going on adventures with my family because we were able to connect and have awesome conversations.


  1. What is your biggest struggle with life or work?


The biggest struggle with life is not avoiding or running away from the struggle. It’s being able to shift your perspective to believe that struggles produce perseverance, strength and character. When I come out of the struggles, I am able to use my story to help other people come out of their struggles too! I believe whenever we face a difficult situation in life and go through it, there is light on the other side that leads us into our purpose and calling. That’s why we shouldn’t give up hope during difficult times.


  1. How do you evaluate success?


On how well I love people. Everyone in life goes through difficult times and just knowing that someone cares about you can make a huge difference. When I am self-focused and selfish, I miss the opportunity to serve others. It’s about taking the focus off of ourselves and seeing those around us who could use love and encouragement.


  1. If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?


Italy because I love good food and Italy has so much history.


  1. Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?


My husband Josh because he is so loving, wise, kind and funny. He makes my kids and I a priority and leads us on BIG adventures. I am so blessed to be married to this man.


  1. What is your favourite hidden gem in Kelowna?


Top of Knox Mountain because you see the beauty of creation. I love the mountains and the lake.


  1. What is something about you that not very many people know about?


People may not know about my Faith in Jesus. I love God and I love people and my purpose is to encourage others!