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Collaborating with a group of like minded coaches to benefit those that seek out our services is the best way to keep up with health and wellness research and development.  Keeping us all at our best and delivering sound, proven fitness and health strategies for living better.

I train and coach health and fitness because being a part of a team of professionals helping others live happier, healthier lives gives me the opportunity to make a difference out there.  When you feel good about yourself inside and out you have a better chance of living a fuller, balanced life.  I am truly grateful for that small part I might play in people’s quest to be happy and healthy.

I have over a decade of experience and education from managing fitness facilities, leading fitness classes, personal training and leading teams of staff and clients.  I have completed many certifications and workshops such as TRX for group fitness and personal training, Schwinn Cycle Instructor, Twist BOSU Instructor, Ace Metabolic Conditioning Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach and more.

I am a Registered Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader, Weight Trainer and Nutrition Coach through BC Parks and Recreations (BCRPA), Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) and Precision Nutrition Inc.

What this all means to you.  When attending my fitness sessions, nutrition coaching or personal training with me you’ll receive a safe and effective session delivered from experience and knowledge obtained over years of helping people just like you.

Be Body Smart

Gordon Palmer CPT, PN Coach


Gordon Palmer

Cell:  250 215 3063