Get It Back Give it Back

A huge thank you to all of our 2016 sponsors:



Shown above is Chelsea Potter and her amazing transformation from last year’s “Get It Back Give It Back” program.

Here is her message to anyone wanting to participate this year!!

” I would like to start by thanking Global Fitness and all of the sponsors and coaches who put on this amazing event year after year and give a chance for people in the community to take control of their health and give back to our wonderful city. My fitness journey began a few years ago when my health and spirit was at an all time low. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and decided that at 5’4 and 200lbs I needed to take control and make some major changes. So that’s what I did. In the first year I lost 60lbs and was feeling great. As I became more comfortable with myself I became more relaxed in my routines and diet. That was when the weight started to creep back and I was starting to fall back into old habits. It wasn’t until I was accepted into the Get it back program in 2014 that things really began to change for me. Having the support and accountability of a team and an amazing community of people behind you along the way really made the changes stick. I have come to realize that this is not a quick fix and it is not a journey with an end. It is a lifestyle and you have to adopt it whole heartedly and with everything you’ve got to make it work. There will be hard times and times you feel like giving up but I promise if you stick with it and give it your all it will get easier, you WILL see changes and you will have the strength, and confidence you are looking for. A year later I am still going strong, down an additional 20lbs, stronger, healthier, and happier than ever! You can do it!!”

Other Testimonials:

‘The Get it Back, Give it Back’ Program with Global Fitness has assisted in alleviating the fear of what used to be an overwhelming lifestyle transformation. The support, encouragement, knowledge and acceptance of the staff is an incomparable element which is currently helping me to persevere through the challenges of a most gratifying, self-loving process and journey. I am in week five of this program and I have already been gifted with increased self-esteem, self love, self confidence and a more positive outlook on life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to change my life in a most welcoming environment while being a part of a program which clearly requires extensive amounts of energy, time and effort to facilitate. Thank you Global Fitness!”  J.L.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge “Thank you” to you and the Global Fitness team for helping me succeed in my lifestyle change.  After six weeks of training, I have not lost very much weight but have gained so much muscle, clarity, and balance, it is simply fantastic!  I don’t even mind getting out of bed at 5am (something I honestly couldn’t do before) and look forward to each moment at Global Fitness.  I, for one, will not let this drop after the challenge is over and can’t wait to see what I look like in another six months.  S.K.

I am very grateful for this program and was thrilled to have been selected to participate. I loved my team and although I struggled sometimes with a leg injury, I am very happy with the results that I achieved with this program. Our trainer was an amazing trainer and I loved the support and guidance and motivation. Looking forward to continuing the journey with my fellow team mates.  Thank you again Global Fitness! You guys were awesome and I’m very appreciative of your help and support. It meant a lot.  S.W.

A huge thank you once again to our amazing sponsors.   This program would not be the same with out all our sponsors. Each year we continue to grow Get it Back Give it Back by looking for new sponsors –  If you would like to  be a sponsor or have questions about the challenge? Email us at and we will send you information and our sponsor registration form.