Meal Prep For You

We are excited to be teaming up with Meal Prep For You (MP4U) as we take on the opportunity and challenge of creating a faculty that doesn’t just educate the community on active lifestyles but complete balanced lifestyles. We will be offering premium nutrition from the Global Revive juice bar. MP4U always has one goal in mind- to fuel the body with the best nutrition while satisfying the appetite. As we take on this task our objective is to create the opportunity for members to have an outlet for quality nutrition even while living a busy lifestyle. We also look to educate beyond physical activity and vanity but moreso towards balance and creating a healthy foundation from the inside out. Self-confidence should come simply as a benefit from living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We hope to encourage our members as ambassadors for the community and take what they learn in the club and pay it forward. This will create change right down to our youth. It all starts with a meal so enjoy yours today.

  • Offers up to 4 meals per day- three coming as complete meals and one coming in the form as a meal replacement to curb the sweet tooth
  • MP4U uses organic produce and hormone free meat products. Coming with a wide variety of meals, MP4U always has a complete balance of fat, proteins and carbs to accommodate a healthy and balanced lifestyle

For more information, please email Morgan: