I am dedicated to assisting people in obtaining healthy lifestyles and physical fitness so they can enjoy their passions in life, or perhaps create new ones!

I live life to the fullest and am constantly trying new forms of physical activity, and encourage everyone to do the same. Some of my passions include hiking, surfing, caving, Olympic boxing, snowboarding, Olympic lifting, and yoga.

Similar to my active lifestyle, I am diverse in the training I provide here at Global Fitness Centre. I work with individuals who require weight loss, injury rehabilitation, sports specific strength and conditioning, active aging, and general functional fitness.

I am constantly attending conferences and seminars in order to further my education regarding human physiology and movement. This allows me to provide the most up to date information on physical fitness to the community of Kelowna and surrounding areas!


  • BKin, Universiy of Manitoba
  • FMS Certified
  • Registered with BC Association of Kinesiologists
  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • 10 Years Experience in Coaching Boxing