Global Fitness & Racquet Centre has  3 indoor tennis courts.

Whether you are trying to keep cool in the summer, or practice your backhand all winter, we have leagues & lessons for everyone.

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Junior Lessons

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Like tennis racquets, the types of tennis balls your child uses can aid in their tennis skills development. As your child grows taller, stronger, with more fully developed strokes and hand-eye coordination, they will gradually be able to handle a tennis ball that more closely mimics an adult ball. Junior tennis balls fall into four classes: foam, red, orange and green dot. Each progressively firmer than the previous one. Subsequently, as the ball gets firmer, the height of its bounce and distance it travels down the court increases. By matching the correct progressive tennis ball to your child’s needs will promote longer rallies, greater consistency and a more positive experience on the court.

Red Tennis Balls

Red balls are slightly larger than the standard ball and travel 75% slower. They are designed for 36′ courts and for children up to eight years old.

Orange Tennis Balls

Orange balls are the same size at the standard ball, but travel 50% slower. They are designed for 60′ courts and for children up to eight years old.

Green Dot Tennis Balls

Green dot balls are the same size at the standard ball, but travel 25% slower. They are designed for full length (78′) courts and for children up to twelve years old.

Fees for Fall 2017

Progressive 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $15.00/each for 9 or 10 weeks (Starts Week of October 16 – December 15)

Intermediate 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $20.00/each for 9 or 10 weeks (Starts Week of October 10 – December 15)

High Performance 2 Hour Lesson Fee – $50.00/each for 10 weeks (Starts Week of October 10 – December 15)

Adults 1.5 Hour Lesson Fee – $20.00/each for 10 weeks (Starts Week of October 15 – December 17)


ProgressiveRed Ball
ages 8 and under
Small Net
4-5 pm
4-5 pm
Orange Ball
ages 10 and under
3/4 court
4-5 pm
3-4 pm
4-5 pm
Green Ball
ages 11 plus
full court
Intermediateages 10-16
full court
High Performanceages 11 plus4-6pm
5 - 6pm
Junior League6 - 164-5pm
Adult Beginner1:00-2:30 pm
Adult Intermediate2:30 -4:00pm


Fees for Spring 2018

Wednesdays – 10 weeks (Starts Week of April 4 – June 6th)

4 – 5 PM – Progressive (Red) 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $150.00

4 – 5 PM – Progressive (Orange) 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $200.00

5 – 6 PM – Intermediate 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $200.00

5-6 PM – Green Ball 1 Hour lesson Fee – $200.00

Fridays – 10 weeks ( tarts Week of April 6th – June 8th)

4 – 5 PM – Junior League – Orange, Green and Regular Intermediate Ball  $150.00

5 – 6 PM – High Performance Development Group 1 Hour Lesson Fee – $200.00


Rogers Rookie Tour

The Rogers Rookie Tour is a Kids Tennis entry level program offering non elimination events for novice boys and girls ages U10, U12 and U14 doubles.  This national program is designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit.The series reaches hundreds of junior players from around the province each year. Players are ensured of multiple matches and receive a player package, including a Rookie Tour shirt at each event.  Participants will get a free “Recreational membership.


March 10 , 2018

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Skills and Drills

Monday Nights 5:00 – 6:00 PM
Starts Jan 8th , 2018

Members Free and included in membership
Non Members drop in fee $15.00


Private, Semi-Private, Small Group Adult Lessons:

Email our coaches directly to set up your tennis lessons.


Adult Leagues

Mens League

January 8th until March 26. Holiday (Family Day) Feb 12 no league night.
Day:  Mondays
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
For Platinum Tennis Members
Fee: $50

Organizer:  Eric Hasenhuedl

Mixed League
Jan 10 – March 14
10 weeks
Day: Wednesday
Time:  6:00 – 7:30 pm
For Platinum Tennis Members
Organizer:   Rosie Schaich 250.769.6641,

Adult Clinics:

What’s Your Racquet?
$10.00 PP
Limited Space 8 people Maximum
Time:  12:00 – 1:00 pm
Dates & Themes:
March 11 – Sunday – Be Someone Fun To Play With
Coach:  Johnny

Tennis Tournaments

March 2 – 4

Mixed Doubles March 2018  Click to download registration

Yvonne Faulkner Memorial Tennis Tournament & Social
Mixed Doubles
Organizer: Rosie

Match Times – Yvonne Faulkner mixed start times.xlsx

Tennis Restringing

Drop off racquets at our front desk