Certified Personal Trainer

The idea of self-improvement is what hooked me on the fitness lifestyle and it’s the reason why I
still love it today. Whether your goal is getting bigger, stronger, leaner or simply moving without
pain – I have been there.

With over a decade of experience lifting weights – I have been skinny and weak, overweight and
strong, obese and unmotivated due to injury and now healthy, lean and muscular. I have made
all of the mistakes so you don’t have to. There are no shortcuts to your fitness goals, but I can
help you avoid common setbacks and spinning your wheels.

My main interest in fitness lies in bodybuilding, powerlifting and nutrition. While injuries have
kept me from pursuing these sports competitively in the past, a love for coaching technical
excellence was born during my recovery. I recently coached a beginner in her first full
powerlifting competition resulting in her winning a national bench press record, first place in her
division as well as an award for best female bench press.

I am dedicated to the improvement of others, regardless of where you are in your fitness
journey. Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity, contact me today to optimize your

Interested in training? Here’s what you can expect:

● Time efficient, science-based training and nutrition.
● Coaching on large compound movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift).
● A sometimes awkward, but always motivating Aussie.


ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association)
Personal Trainer Certification
Canadian Red Cross
Standard First Aid & CPR / AED Level C

Contact:​ tim@globalfitnesskelowna.com